Cloud Services

Full Lifecycle Cloud Solutions

The journey to the cloud is one towards business results, not one of replicating your on-prem infrastructure on someone else’s datacenter. Done right, the cloud delivers increased efficiencies and a highly scalable computing environment where you only pay for what you use.

Whether you’re looking to migrate workloads to the cloud, deploy them at scale, store data, or enjoy the agility and rapid delivery of cloud-based services, we can help you turn cloud technology into a differentiator.

As a cloud-agnostic provider, we work with a variety of environments including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud, that broaden your ecosystem of choice. Agnostic means that we can build agile business-driven architectures that help you reap the time-to-delivery advantages of dynamically moving applications between platforms, as your business dictates.

Using modern DevOps techniques, we transform hosted environments into scalable and reliable platforms for infrastructure, applications, and a fleet of services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).



Cloud Infrastructure Creation and Migration

Build an efficient cloud infrastructure.

Improve business performance.

Shift computing costs to more manageable operational expenses.

Maintain interoperability with your on-premise environment, minimizing business impact.

Shed or simplify expensive IT infrastructure.

Migrate from on-premise to the cloud, or dynamic hybrid deployments.

Cloud solutions and applications that require high availability, extensive resource use, and scalability, including:

Business intelligence and big data applications in the cloud. Enjoy the agility and rapid delivery of cloud-based business intelligence.

High-load websites and web applications that take advantage of elasticity.

IoT applications.

Media services and media applications.

Other Services