CRM systems promise to provide complete information on your customers and constituents across different channels with the goal of creating long-term relationships and exceptional experiences. To be successful, these systems must bring together processes, technology, and people – often in rapidly evolving environments.

One of the quickest ways to realize the advantages of CRM is to combine it with the benefits of the cloud. Cloud CRMs deliver lower cost, ease-of-use, ubiquitous access to centralized information from any platform or device, and scalability.

Whether you’re ready to move to the cloud or just integrate your existing on premise CRM with the cloud, we can help. More than that, we can help you extend the power of your existing investment in Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a scalable, optimized architecture that integrates with all existing back-office components, including SharePoint.

Our complete suite of CRM application services includes:

  • Complex System Re-Architecture

  • CRM Implementation On Premise or in the Cloud

  • Extended CRM (xRM)

  • Data Migration into Custom Dynamics CRM Solution

  • Business Intelligence