Deterring Crime Through Community Involvement


Safeguarding the public can be a daunting task. To succeed, you need surveillance options that give a comprehensive and detailed view of criminal activity so that you can respond quickly and accurately identify suspects. But resource-constrained law enforcement agencies often struggle with surveillance gaps.

CommunityWatch, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) web application, can help you overcome this challenge by allowing citizens to voluntarily register privately-owned surveillance systems with law enforcement agencies. In the event of a crime, officers can quickly target cameras containing valuable footage and work efficiently to recover it and apprehend suspects.

Using mapping software. CommunityWatch geotags cameras by location, making it quick and easy to locate and access valuable intelligence.


Apprehend Suspects Quickly

Quickly locate, identify, and obtain footage with precise mapping within 24-48 hours of an incident.

Community Involvement

Empower citizens to upload videos for “anonymous tip offs.”

Eliminate Dark Spots

Augment existing surveillance footprint with privately-owned infrastructure conserving tax-payer time and money.

Unlimited Surveillance Footage

Unlimited capacity allows you to scale to include an infinite number of cameras.

Robust Intelligence

CommunityWatch records surveillance location, owner contact information, footage retention period, and sends that information directly to you, in confidence.

No Hardware or Maintenance

Scalable SaaS solution. No need for costly hardware or maintenance.

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