Project Insider

Small Tweaks. Big Benefits

Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) are a critical part of any project management workflow, providing visibility and management across the entire lifecycle. Yet these out-of-the-box systems are often at odds with your internal approach and project standards. The result is an awkward system implementation that doesn’t coincide with your needs.

We’ve developed a fix—Project Insider.

Project Insider combines the power of platforms such as Microsoft Project Server and SharePoint to transform your existing PMIS into a robust system tailored to your unique requirements.


Customize your PMIS

Tailor your PMIS to your unique requirements, fostering new potential and unlocking value.


Feature-Rich Workspace

Experience an intuitive dashboard-based workspace with full collaboration functionality.

Dynamic Project Management

Achieve greater visibility into projects. Quickly adjust and mitigate issues as they arise.

Support for All Project Phases

Document and communicate information across the project lifecycle.

Automate Project Management

Add tracking mechanisms to your PMIS for automatic calculation of project metrics.


Integration with Microsoft

Leverage existing investments and avoid unnecessary expense.

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