Ready Reserve

Smarter and Simpler Meeting Space Scheduling

Scheduling and tracking meeting room use across any organization is a time-consuming and error-prone exercise. Rooms get double-booked, resources are hard to pin down, and finding the right space takes some detective work.

Ready Reserve is an enterprise-grade scheduling application that makes it easy to manage meeting reservations on a global scale, from a desktop or mobile device. Built on the Microsoft technology stack, Ready Reserve integrates with Microsoft Outlook (on premise or Office 365), SharePoint and Exchange so that you make the most of your calendaring systems and existing investments.


Find the Right Space, at a Glance

Conveniently schedule rooms by amenity, seating capacity, layout, A/V capabilities, and more.

Integration with Microsoft

Integrates cost-effectively with existing calendaring, portal, and email tools—simplifying administration and organizational processes.


View, reserve, and manage rooms across the enterprise from a mobile device or desktop.

Assign Roles

Assign roles and privileges to users, reservation managers, and administrators.

Convenient Synchronization

Synchronizes seamlessly with Exchange for up-to-the second reservation information.

Cloud or On Premise

Supported by standard Microsoft tools, implement on premise or in the cloud.

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