Transforming Snow Removal Operations

SNOWiQ is a snowplow fleet management and reporting tool for municipalities, snow plow operators, and the public.  

Based on our TERRAiQ platform, SNOWiQ uses a combination of smartphone-based GPS and cloud technology, delivering a 360-degree view of individual contractor vehicles and your overall snow removal fleet, without costly hardware investments.  Your team and drivers simply log into the SNOWiQ app from the smartphones and devices they already own.  

SNOWiQ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that combines your internal reporting needs with the convenience of a public dashboard—two mobile applications and a citizen web portal that satisfies all your vehicle tracking, business intelligence, and communication needs. 

SNOWiQ is designed to meet the unique needs of fleet supervisors, snowplow operators, and the public they serve.

For Fleet Managers/Supervisors – SNOWiQ’s easy-to-use application lets you visualize your contractor fleet in real-time, from city-wide fleet activity, down to individual neighborhoods. Prioritize fleet movements, dynamically assign, re-route, redeploy, or add drivers, from within the app. You can also enforce quality control, improve performance, time management, and customer service. 

For Snowplow Operators – Municipal and contractor drivers can use smartphones they already own to advertise their availability, receive notifications when routes are assigned to them, seamlessly switch to Google maps for directions, and confirm when routes are completed.  

For the Public – SNOWiQ’s public portal provides residents and businesses with much-needed transparency into snow removal efforts. One portal shows when streets will be plowed, weather updates, and snow removal statistics.  



Real-time map-based snow plow fleet tracker for contractor fleets.

Intuitive Dashboard

Visualize your fleet in real-time via an intuitive dashboard, from county-wide fleet activity, down to individual neighborhoods.


Prioritize fleet movements with agility and precision. Dynamically assign, re-route, redeploy, or add drivers, from within the app.

Enforce Quality Control

Once routes are cleared, seamlessly enforce quality control with in-app notifications to inspectors.

Fleet Utilization

Prioritize fleet movements with agility and precision, saving time and fuel.

Empower Drivers

Advertise availability, receive assignments, provide updates on their progress, and more.

Keep The Public Informed

Communicate accurate snow removal expectations via a public-facing portal.


Analyze and report on service performance across your fleet.

Cloud-Powered Data

We manage everything, saving you money.


Use existing investments in smartphone-based GPS. No additional hardware required.

Contractor Management

Improve contractual labor and time management.

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